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If you have made it thus far, you are select few humans who have been given an opportunity to acquire a Limited Edition NFT Series t-shirt. These threads are eco-conscious, from design to manufacture and postage.

These digital art/animations are a notable nod to the crypto world, combining the old-time tradition of frame by frame animation and bringing it into our modern age. I want to provide a tether or connection between these two realms of digital and the physical. 

Your support is amazing! 


Benii xx

PS: Once a correct creation is selected correlating to your Beniisquiggles NFT, add the desired size to the cart. Please enter the discount code provided and a 100% discount will be applied.
When your order is confirmed with correct owners BSq NFT address, worker elves will provide movement to the cogs. These will power the machines into delivering
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  • LIMITED EDITION: $TURBO vs $PEPE Mashup Organic Tee
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