Originals/Limited Edition Goodies

Please E-mail me! benii@beniisquiggles.com

Each edition contains x51 Limited Edition prints, 3AP Prints and the Original. Totalling 55, a number derived from the fibonacci sequence.

Handled lovingly with very same hands that assisted in created them!

Originals - These are the REAL deal, where an idea picked from the muse is finished and brought to the physical world. Every line, dot, imperfection, thought and indent is coerced into a beautiful visual dance.

I use either:

          • Strathmore Bristol Vellum Smooth (270g/m²) Wind-power series. This is manufactured with emissions-free, wind generated electricity through the purchase of 100% certified renewable energy credits. Acid free, illustrated with archival ink.
          • Fabriano Eco Paper (

            200g/m²). A

            cid free, produced with 100% post consumer recycled pulp. The use of recycled pulp allows to save 15 trees every ton of paper produced.Thanks to hydropower 14.000.000 m3 of methane are spared, avoiding 26.000 tonnes of CO2 air emissions. The company respects the Kyoto protocol. The paper is labelled “FSC 100% recycled” guaranteeing that the product is made of post consumer reclaimed material in accordance with FSC standards, supporting responsible use of forest resources. Illustrated with archival ink.

Limited Edition Prints - Reproduced editions of the original manifestation. Printed using archival ink on Ilford Textured Cotton Rag Paper (310g/m²) acid free paper. As close as you are able to the original.

These will be sent personally with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed, numbered and blown a kiss for good measure. Perhaps even a few stickers, because stickers are awesome.

Your support is heaps appreciated and essentially funds more amazing creations!

Benii xx