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If you have made it thus far, you are amongst a select few humans who have been given an opportunity to acquire a Beniisquiggles Limited Edition NFT Series t-shirt.

These threads are eco-conscious, from design to manufacture and postage. These digital art/animations are a notable nod to the crypto world.

Combining the old-school tradition of frame by frame animation and creating it with the aid of a modern age. This providing a tether between two realms of the digital and the physical.

This is an Edition of #5. The very first 5 address to own each of the edition will receive a shirt. On the fifth and only on the fifth NFT being acquired will this option cease to exist, nothing, it will be deemed a late edition, passed on never to be created again!

Your support is amazing! Cheers, Benii xx
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PS: Please enter your details below with the corresponding wallet address used to acquire your heaps good Beniisquiggles NFT!

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Diamond Hands

Rock beats paper, and diamond hands are forever.

If you've ever spent time in reddit, apes rule the forums.

beniisquiggles NFT diamond hand

Save the animation, it's yours, you deserve it!