B the Bear // Boom // Eco Print
B the Bear // Boom // Eco Print

B the Bear // Boom // Eco Print

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B the Bear just chillin' in the white room.

Cheers for the inspo @lindsaydonovan and @alainsleigher!


Before you is an open-ended, A4/A3 sized print of a Beniisquiggles brain manifestation.

Powered by the offerings of Rā (aka the sun). From conception within the realm of my solar-powered laboratory of creation, through to the printing press (Epson Eco-Tank 7750).

Utilising carefully selected recycled parchment formed via hydro energies, with a splay of dye inks bringing life to the page. 

These are a step down from the Limited Edition series and are for those who only want to dabble in the illustrative delights, but do not seek the highest of quality for which the price tag mirrors.

Do not be mistaken, these will still strike the eyes, and may result in weepings of joy. Each one will still wear the signatory of Benii and are stamped with veggie-based ink insignia.

Every few months the basket of creations will rotate, with a mix of new and less new.

And of course, it is highly likely that a sticker will accompany the print because stickers are awesome.



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Cheering for your support! ✿