Many Welcomes!

beniisquiggles green thumb stippling illustratrionMany Welcomes 26/8/19

Classic case of two steps forward 5 steps backward….to again take two steps forward on a worthy greener trail.


It is safe to say I have never been much of a wordsmith, visual stimuli has always been my forte. A recent post from a lovely mate of mine (@livingnarrative) quoted “If you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you’re supposed to be doing or where to begin: write.” 

Unbeknown to me how it did, but this passage over the past little while has laid root amongst my synapses. It has illuminated several hints from the universe to do so, for which I am now acting upon.


Welcome the beginning of open windows and doors to the home of my creative manifestations.


I have technically had a website url for many many moons, yet an internal struggle never allowed for its {announcement}. An over-ambition to have everything about it reflect, ‘perfect’ and ‘ready’, has led to unnecessary set-backs. Being human is amazing. 


After a recent sample package from a third party I planned on using was delivered upon me yesterweek. I was troubled by the oodles of petro-based wrapping used. My conscious took the reigns. Highlighted was the contradictory nature of wanting to create an ecosystem of green sustainable art, yet the organic cotton/recycled plastic apparel was adorning a sleek cloak of single use plastic.


I am by no means a poster boy, nor seeking its title. Never have I forced my sustainable habits, and beliefs on others. Even so, I’ll happily oblige in conversation and arc up over a plethora of issues, if asked. It is obvious that Spaceship Earth, a thriving symbios of living entities, is hurting. Our species ain’t cutting the mustard no more, clearly seen in the intensity of change in our environments and climate. From rapid species decline, to increased pollutants, all lathered with unworthy consumption habits of its occupants.


Moving into my thirties and acknowledging my unhealthy habits exploited in my twenties. A desire to better care for my avatar has given me even more for Gaia. Shit just works best in a harmonious symbiosis (a favourite word of mine, symbiosis, mmm). Being sustainable is just a sexy thing to be, if the rest of nature is doing it, and nature is sexy, does it not also apply to all of us, as we are also of nature? Humans lust is evolving into greed, but it doesn’t need to be so. Without being heaps silly, there are plentiful means to live a joyous life coupled by modern luxuries. Team human is being the dickhead at mother nature’s forever party. I am still learning and upgrading my software to better understand how. This fascinates me. 


If art is an expression of oneself, I would want for any created at the guide of my hands to represent justly. Within this space I will sporadically share my learnings and reflections of trying to create the greenest art I can muster, gifting insight into stories of each creation and providing the opportunity to be apart of it with all the goodies. From my paper choices, packaging and greener habits, there will be countless more I am sure.


Will be re-populating the site with goodies as I organise them.


Enjoi the journey and cheering for your patience!





  • Love this man! Have you looked at those compost bags for postage?

    Ashley Fisher
  • I’m lost


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