NFT Limited Edition Series - NFT Collection


Before you is an opportunity to acquire a Beniisquiggles Limited Edition NFT.

These digital art/animations are a notable nod to the crypto world.  Combining the old-school tradition of frame by frame animation and creating it with the aid of a modern age. This providing a tether between two realms of the digital and the physical.

Each is an Edition of #5. The very first 5 address to own each of the edition will receive a corresponding t-shirt of the NFT they own. On the fifth and only on the fifth NFT being acquired will this option cease to exist, nothing, it will be deemed a late edition, passed on never to be created again!

These threads are eco-conscious, from design to manufacture and postage. 
For more info on what the actual funk is an NFT and how you can interact in this realm please engage you cursor


Your support is amazing! Cheers, Benii xx

Dog(e) to the moon!
I wanted to create a laugh around a meme coin that is lighting the crypto world up. To show case its ridiculousness and its ultimate fragility with rocketing to the moon. Being powered by a lot of hot air perhaps?
doge to the moon
doge to the moon nft limited edition tshirtdoge to the moon nft limited edition tshirt
Ape's Diamond Hand
apes diamond hand nft
ape's diamond hand nft tshirt