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Originating from Australia, I have recently returned from many years in the great white north (Canada), exploring and marinating myself in all of its glory. The themes of my work are heavily influenced by this experience and many others during my travels about Spaceship Earth.

Never have I considered myself an artist of any sort, and I still struggle with the concept today, perhaps more of a 'good times' and squiggling enthusiast. I have taken it upon myself to find teachers and learning tools to further my knowledge and skill in the craft. High-school art classes were my only "formal" learning, the only class I believe I never wagged. Travel had always been involved in my childhood, along with a scribe and a surface in which to express upon. I lost my way in the creative world for a while after high school, until in recent years, I went full circle and picked up those drawing utensils and started attempting to replicate the brain manifestations inside my head.

I love a sense of obscurity, something not quite the "norm", a picture within a picture, this brief window in which we get to experience the universe is too small to take too seriously. Exploring and allowing your mind to run free with ideas in imagery can be heaps fascinating. I openly feel through meditation and other means of tapping into the ‘muse’, different rooms in my head are unlocked and its contents allowed to roam freely, I don't feel as though the ideas are mine half the time, I am merely an observer of my own consciousness (sorry getting deep as I'm heavily elevated {oxymoron score} writing this haha). My influences are broad, as there is so much this little blue dot can and does offer it would be unjustified to pinpoint certain aspects.

It has taken me a great number of years to finally settle into a medium and look I can be content with. During the most recent I've found a sense of meditation during my dot work sessions, and have heaps enjoyed exploring its tedious nature. They contrast well with my fluid, colourful works.

Having been in a few tattoo studios across the globe in my short existence, I have observed, taken in and applied to my process, many of theirs.

My life being somewhat nomadic, my art bag and set up is heaps portable. I carry in that bag a 6mm thick LED light box, usb plug-in [revolutionary! I use to redraw a picture up to 7-8 times over before a final result using a lot of tracing paper], using this to grab many images to combine into one has been an insane time saver, and allowing me to draw final edits without the messiness of pencil lines and marks.  A Wacom Intuous 4 was graciously gifted, which has opened big doors for my digital endeavours. Lastly a small 250x30x30mm iScanAir Go scanner, which connects wirelessly to my phone, just rolls over the page. A 15” Macbook from which I sort my logistics and produce digital works.

I am currently in the forever process of making positive steps towards fuelling my art by “greener, eco” means and believe heavily in the holy “R’s” (Reduce, Re-use/Repurpose, Recycle).
It is unnecessary to be abusing Spaceship Earth for our own short term gain. We can still have a lovely life, lovely community, lovely things and stuff without destroying our only home! I reckon symbiotic relationships are sexy, nature is gnarly, but it shows that there can be an overall harmony made from chunks of chaos.
The newest addition to the Beniisquiggles Empire is my tiny living in a new home/art studio, a 1984 Nissan Urvan! Using solar to charge my electronics, recycled and renewable power to produce the paper my originals are illustrated with. Even to riding my bike wherever possible to run my errands, and move to different projects I am involved with. Choose to burn fat before you burn oil. I am reflected in all of my creations and in them they are reflected in me!

View Sustainable Practices HERE.

I'd love to listen to your thoughts and then we can compare notes.

My desire of you is to enjoi my artistic manifestations as much as I enjoi creating them!