Sustainable and Ethical Practices


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Dunno about your lovely self, but the current acceleration of drastic climatic events worries me a little. Too long we as a species have abused and pillaged this floating oasis we call home. Gaia is piiiiissed, and she plays the long game, so really we are just making it un-necessarily difficult for ourselves and unfairly for every other living organism. But we are amazing at adapting and when a positive hive mentality takes hold, we can achieve amazing shit!

By no means are my practices perfect, but nothing should ever be, as that would dictate the highest of being without room to evolve. Mine are growing as I learn more and are able to implement these practices. 



Art Studio and Empire:

  • Amongst all the chaos of 2020, I finished renovating a Nissan Urvan mid-year. This subsequently became my home and my studio for 3 years. Moving heaps closer to my dream of off grid Tiny Living. Being 100% solar powered, the whole entire Beniisquiggles artistic empire is now powered by the graces of Ra himself.

  • 90% of errands achieved are with a human powered bike. Reducing the footprint further.



Creations and packaging:

Anything handled by myself, consisting of currently stickers, special limited apparel, prints and originals.

  • The packaging used is either made from recycled paper or compostable “plastic” derived from corn, and can be popped straight into the yellow and/or green bin!
  • I recycle cardboard boxes from my local grocer for the inserts.
  • The tissue paper used is also recycled and printed with non-toxic vegetable ink.
  • Recycled cards are used with the certificates and info cards.
  • Vinyl stickers are PVC free.
  • Business cards are made on FSC and recycled paper with soy inks.
  • My choice of paper used for LE prints is cotton-rag, no nasties used in production and long life span.These are made from by-products and recycled rags from the cotton industry.
  • My choice of paper for OE prints is an eco-white 100% recycled paper printed with soy/vegetable. Printed using 100% solar power.




  • Anything handled by myself I choose a carbon neutral postal service.



Production and Fullfillment:

  • The print house used for comics is 100% solar powered, vegetable/soy inks, amazing recycling practices.
  • Majority of apparel is printed and made with sweet sustainable practices from both parties involved. Who are always working to further their own sustainable practices.
  • Art Studio is (was) 100% solar powered.



Bellow are the companies I am currently using to help facilitate my creations. 


I still have heaps of learning to achieve the greenest of art, but I make a conscious effort everyday so you can feel all gooey inside when you graciously choose to support my manifestations!




We vote everyday, and it's with our wallets. The powers to be tend to only listen to dollar signs, so give them something worthy to hear. I have chosen to donate
3% to Protect Our Winters. 


They help passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change.

Founded in 2007 by one of my favourite snowboarders Jeremy Jones, they are a community of athletes, scientists, creatives and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect Spaceship Earth today and for future generations.

My love of winter has a strong influence on my lifestyle choices and my art, this mob aligns whole heartedly with how I jive. Heaps stoked communities like this exist spreading the good word of Gaia.