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I am not heaps good at keeping my social media etc up to date, nor blogging. It has been a while but!

Chaos keeps our existence interesting and in check. A reminder that we are merely passengers on Spaceship Earth, hurtling through infinity on a tether attached to a continuous nuclear explosion 109 times larger than our own vessel. 

It’s gonna suck farts for many for a while yet. Look to the stars and remind yourself, this existence is a miracle, but nothing amazing comes without a hardship. Without the struggle the good times would not be worthy.

It has been a dream of mine for a while to live the “van life” (and eventually the tiny home life), predominantly as a means to reduce my footprint, reduce my reliance on the grid and a big step forward in providing the greenest art I can muster. The Beniisquiggles Empire will be running solely off solar!!

I welcome my new home/art studio to be, Geneveive. Nissan Urvan from the 80’s. 

Now seems to be as good as time as ever to pursue this as I join many in the loss of a “day” job. I have never renovated a van nor wired up a system in my life, my trade as a boilermaker/welder can only prepare me so much for the manifestation of wooden objects. Over the past few months I have been educating myself otherwise with the wealth of information the inter-webs provides. 

This project is currently consuming a lot of my time, but hopeful I shall be able to recoup this once she is liveable again!


You can follow her sporadic makeover on my IG stories  - Benii (@beniisquiggles)

nissan urvan genevieve

van wheel arch cupboardvanlife drawing table



To actual art shit!

I recently released prints for my “Simple Living” illustration. I felt this current predicament we all find ourselves in rather suiting. 

Beniisquiggles illustration simple living forest cabin
     Beniisquiglles simple living illustration zoom section Beniisquiggles simple living illustration zoom section cabin 

This illustration was inspired by a bumper sticker I used to see during my daily commute on a ferry across the west arm of Kootenay lake, deep within the mountains of British Columbia. At the apex of the journey you would find yourself situated with a skyline of white peaks, dancing in the reflection of the waters surface. Ra had usually disappeared beyond the mountains in the town I was residing in, Yet at this last fleeting moment his rays would bounce off the peaks, with a sexy and warm hue glowing!

I’d share these evenings with a diverse crew of mountain folk and backpackers boxing tree saplings for tree planters to find homes for in the summer months.

A beginning of another chapter, being completely new to the region and knowing of no-one, this oppy gave life to an amazing bond I shared with a few crew I met there. Our mutual love of mountains and sliding down them grew together.

I now had my riding crew, this was to be the beginning of a DEEP and wonderful winter...

“Live simply, so others may simply live”

Regardless of what context you accompany with this sentence, I think it is one from a page everyone could care to read more often.

This has been an evolving philosophy for myself and something I draw inspiration from to fuel my forever growing minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle. Enjoying this journey’s process and hopeful these seeds continue to be nourished by those future paths I will cross. 

A hunter bringing in his meal to the table with his best friend and their little wood cabin. Capturing some essence of a simple lifestyle.

I started dabbling with varied styles for the smoke/cloud that I am continuing to develop. I also wanted to enhance the depth of the forest with sunbeams piercing through the trunks, something I am not completely stoked on was my execution of this, but allows room for improvement!

If you’d love to see this adorn your walls please engage your cursor here:

Your support is always heaps appreciated, and there are plenty of other goodies to use your money credits for. 

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Enough from me, please, as you were…

Benii xx



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