Beniisquiggles fine art forest scene stippling dotwork

Dawn ~ 2017

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This cliche scene depicts a temperate coniferous forest, the countryside I fell in love with during my time spent marinating in the mountains of the Great White North. 

Some of my favourite displays of Gaia’s garden are those when a blanket of clouds will seamlessly embrace and flow through varying contours of trees.

My hand was referenced and holds one of two contrasting environments, a rift between my newly acquired home and my old.

This was another re-draw with a refined technique, pen selection and paper.

One of the first attempts at replicating a mountain face littered with tree-people, cloud and fog nestled through.

Wasn’t entirely stoked on some small aspects of the hands and the overall flatness of the trees, small aspects I’d like to improve. But as a whole image pretty stoked on it!