Beniisquiggles, stippling, fine art of "dusk" iconic Australian outback scene

Dusk ~ 2017

2 of 2.

Following the theme of using hands, another cliche scene depicting an ozzie outback setting, a familiar view experienced during month/s long adventures with my Nan & Pop exploring this vast contrasting island. 

My hand was referenced and holds one of two contrasting environments, a rift between my newly acquired home and my old.

This was re-draw with a refined technique, pen selection and paper.

Attempting to recreate the leafy fullness of the gumtrees that litter the landscape, this was my first attempt at a completely different variety of tree people. Red Gum Eucalyptus trees have an elegant style of growth, no two are the same, there is an amazing contrast between bark and the slender almost silky skin under. You can witness organised chaos, where the branches lead into the trunk and have a sweet flow down into the soil. Heaps chuffed how they manifested, but kept the trunks and branches pretty basic, will have to elaborate on those.

Spinifex bushes are littering the foreground and with an array of iconic fauna (roos, echidna, cockatoo, and the ever elusive thylacine). 


Heaps stoked how these both turned out, and hope the mood of each match’s their title, and for one to use their imagination and colour it with cool blue, purple hues for “Dawn” and warm reds, yellows and oranges for “Dusk”.