Morning Break

beniisquiggles fine art illustration coffee mug surf wave

One of my all times from a continuing series involving one of my favourite beans, coffee!

During a time where I would combine a large with small and with a hand wielding sorcery, bringing it to life with a world of little people. Inspiration was drawn not only for my love of this delicious beverage but from an adventure in Hawaii where stars had aligned for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave invitational.  There in spirit were some worthy folk as we were witnessing 50-60ft monsters roll in to the shore, an event, for which words could achieve no justice.

In reflection, the surfer should've been a little more distinguished and wasn't stoked on the spray from their carve. But heaps stoked on the mist being left behind in motion from the lip of the wave and the mug, having a pretty sweet three dimensional jive.