New Horizons

Beniisquiggles Fine Art, New Horizons, Santa Reindeer Mars and Moon

New Horizons ~ 2017

I often wonder if SpaceX has informed the jolly man of their intentions.

I always wanted to have a crack at replicating the moon in all of its glory, with a lovely glow.

Amazing times we are witnessing where our species is finally looking towards the stars once more!

Insane to think there are 10s of thousands of dots here all muddled together to give the impression of something recognisable. My execution of a comic book style page I felt was somewhat amateurish, something I haven’t explored in full detail yet, but it was necessary to pursue and give explanation to the illustration. Many hours were spent bringing the moon off the page, and layering the smokey clouds, creating depth to what initially started as a flat page.