Simple Living

beniisquiggles illustration, forest, cabin, dotwork
"Simple Living" ~ 2017

This illustration was inspired by a bumper sticker I used to see during my daily commute on a ferry across the west arm of Kootenay lake, deep within the mountains of British Columbia. At the apex of the journey you would find yourself situated with a skyline of white peaks, dancing in the reflection of the waters surface. Ra had usually disappeared beyond the mountains in the town I was residing in, Yet at this last fleeting moment his rays would bounce off the peaks, with a sexy and warm hue glowing!

I’d share these evenings with a diverse crew of mountain folk and backpackers boxing tree saplings for tree planters to find homes for in the summer months.

A beginning of another chapter, being completely new to the region and knowing of no-one, this oppy gave life to an amazing bond I shared with a few crew I met there. Our mutual love of mountains and sliding down them grew together.

I now had my riding crew, this was to be the beginning of a DEEP and wonderful winter...

“Live simply, so others may simply live”

Regardless of what context you accompany with this sentence, I think it is one from a page everyone could care to read more often.

This has been an evolving philosophy for myself and something I draw inspiration from to fuel my forever growing minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle. Enjoying this journey’s process and hopeful these seeds continue to be nourished by those future paths I will cross. 

A hunter bringing in his meal to the table with his best friend and their little wood cabin. Capturing some essence of a simple lifestyle.

I started dabbling with varied styles for the smoke/cloud that I am continuing to develop. I also wanted to enhance the depth of the forest with sunbeams piercing through the trunks, something I am not completely stoked on was my execution of this, but allows room for improvement!