Agent K - Tree Jam -- LIMITED EDITION Embellished print

Agent K - Tree Jam -- LIMITED EDITION Embellished print

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Agent K creating magic on plant people.

Digital water colour, printed then gloss layer of animated cell added as an embellishment.

Cheers to @christyprior for the unintentional inspo!

Before you are a limited edition, A3-sized embellished print of a Beniisquiggles brain manifestation.

Powered by the offerings of Rā (aka the sun). From conception within the realm of my solar-powered laboratory of creation, through to the printing press (Epson Eco-Tank 7750).

Utilising carefully selected recycled parchment formed via hydro energies, with a splay of dye inks bringing life to the page. 

It shall be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

And maybe some stickers, because stickers are awesome.

Edition of #3. At the very last sale this edition will cease to exist, nothing, it will be deemed a late edition, passed on never to be created again!



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